Thursday, May 05, 2005

i Muy Caliente !

Indeed, a very hot evening of theremin-on-theremin action took place last night as Santo defeated Frankenstein's "oh-so-go-go-booted" Daughter and her red-shirted (yet sensitive) henchmen...

sample dialog:

Henchmen #2: "I do not like bloody eyes, they give me the goosebumps"

Sadly the camera did not make it out, but there were mucho people having a good time marvelling at the Mexican film industry's finest export. ;)


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

ExBe Podcast #2

check out the new ExBe podcast here, (30mb) with the first segment on tomorrow's show.

thanks Brent!

...and if like Brent, you're wondering how we're doing an non-silent film -- we just turn the sound off and use the English subtitles ;)


here's a quick look at some of the gear that'll be on stage Wednesday

starting with the two new players:

Matt/20goto10: "I am using a Korg MS-10 and a Moog Rogue as well as an Etherwave Theramin that will be ran through the 10. Possibly a roland SPD-S for some percussion."

Patrick/Inovercy says "the (Yamaha) SY77... I did manage to make the most spot on theremin sound I've heard :)"

so already there's the prospect for hot theremin-on-theremin action ;)

I'll be lugging the Borg Cube (D-550, U-220, plus delay/reverb), and the ever-present circuit bent SK-1. New this time out: the Roland GR-300 Guitar Synth and the Korg EA-1 for some of the wrestling sections.