Monday, October 16, 2006

it's baaack! UnSilent Film 666

Just when you thought it was safe...

"UnSilent Film" celebrates its Second Anniversary on Monday October 30th at The Hi-Fi Concert Club, 11729 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, OH (216) 521-8878 at 8pm. with a showing of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

The 1920 classic silent horror film (directed by John S. Robertson), is based on the famous story by Robert Louis Stevenson. Starring John Barrymore (grandfather of actress Drew Barrymore) who chews up the scenery in the dual role as the conflicted Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde.

This version received high marks when it was released -- Variety proclaimed it "a fine dignified presentation... the appearance of John Barrymore in any production is an event and there remains for the reviewer only to comment on how excellent is his portrayal of the dual personalities of the unfortunate Dr. Jekyll." The New York Times agreed: "something special and extraordinary... in Mr. Barrymore's flawless performance."

Though many interpretations followed over the years, it is Barrymore's portrayal (much like Max Schreck's in "Nosferatu") that stays lodged in the dreams of the collective unconscious.

"UnSilent Film" -- a series of silent movies preformed with an improvised live score -- will be performed this time by Thieves Like Me, fluxmonkey, tofu, Shawn Holt, Geo Jones and Steven K. Smith.