Thursday, March 10, 2005


...that was fun!

Not only did the turnout exceeded our expectations (especially, on a cold, windy and snowy Wednesday night), but the music improv magic was also in the air.

Special guest DJ Feima started things off right w/ some Maschina tracks, which segued nicely into the beginning of the movie.

Some of the musical highlights included Tim's (Thieves Like Me) delay and microphone combo, capturing cymbal, harmonica and wine glass sounds and treating them with an array of stompboxes and pedals; Steven K. Smith's drumming during the "torture room" sequence, which dynamically propelled the scene; lbd's (fluxmonkey) new noise box with many "piercings" (body contact switches) added the unnerving underpinnings and Shawn's (dust_head) manipulations of filtered white noise on the MS-2000 set the stage for the evening. Meanwhile, I played a choir patch in the absence of Dawn Mitchell, and pounded on the bent SK-1 during the climatic rioting scene at the end of the movie.

Check back for some audio samples later...

Oh, and the popcorn was pretty good too ;)

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